Calling All Dreamers Competition

Figs & Feta is a Finalist and YOU can help by placing your VOTE before May 20!


So many exciting things have taken place at Figs & Feta headquarters over this past month!

Here’s a brief recap:

March 16: Because he knows I’ve been seriously toying with the idea of opening a Greek bakery, my husband casually forwards me a link to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership contest: Calling All Dreamers. I reply to his text with: “I’m going to enter this competition!”

March 16-23: I work morning and night to pull together my submission for the CAD contest; which includes a business plan and a 60-second pitch video.

March 23: I hand deliver my business plan and video pitch to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership offices, around 11:00 AM, meeting the 5:00 PM deadline with time to spare. Having put 60 minutes worth of quarters into the parking meter, I take a walk to see 2013 winner Andy’s Candy Apothecary, and pop into Estelle’s Patisserie as well.

April 1: I receive a phone call from the DSP informing me that I am a semi-finalist. I scream and do a little victory dance.

April 16: CAD Semi-Finalist Orientation. I meet the members of the DSP, other contestants and competition sponsors at a breakfast at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sac. After the meeting I stop by the 2014 winner Ana Apple store and have a great conversation with founder and owner, Ana. I also want to purchase one of everything in her store, but I hold back.

April 20: Morning meeting with my SCORE mentor for guidance and advice regarding my second round submission.

April 20-27: Work like a mad-woman on details of my next submission which include more details of my business plan plus financial projections.

April 27: 11:57 AM: Upload my files for consideration. Meeting the 12 noon deadline by 2 minutes. (HUGE exhale!)

April 29: I receive a phone call from DSP informing me that I am a finalist in the competition. My heart is racing and I am so excited I can barely take down important notes about the conversation.

So here I am…working on my final pitch presentation which will take place May 21. Until then, please take a moment to check out Figs & Feta’s video and VOTE now through May 20!

Thanks for your support…more details to come but for now, I need to get back to work!

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If you make this recipe, please snap a photo and hashtag it #FIGSANDFETA and #GREEKMADESIMPLE. I’d love to see it!

3 thoughts on “Calling All Dreamers Competition”

  • Oh my gosh Pres! Your whole life will totally change! I am so excited for you!
    Keeping fingers crossed!! And sending prayers….this is a big step, with lots of uncertainties,
    but nothing makes you grow more or feel more empowered than going out of your comfort zone and conquering it! And I know you will! Good luck!

  • How exciting! We wish you the very best!
    Eleven years ago (after being in the finance field) my mid life crisis was to open a bakery/coffee shop. I got a little more than what I bargained for: A Greek/Italian Bistro and it’s been a whirlwind for the last 11 years!! Follow your dream! You are already a winner!!

    • Hi Irene, Thank you for your well wishes and for sharing your experience with me! What is the name of your Greek/Italian Bistro? Sounds like it has been a wonderful 11 years. Thank you again for your kind words and your advice to follow my dreams. :)

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