Hellas Farms: tuvunu and Greek Pistachios

Hellas Farms: tuvunu and All Natural Greek Pistachios 

Hellas Farms | figsandfeta.com

tuvunu Greek Mountain Herbal Tea

I typically like to enjoy an iced coffee or even better;  a Frappe around 3:00 in the afternoon. It helps me get through my second shift of the day: school pick-ups, soccer/swim/cross-country practice, homework, dinner, kitchen cleanup. However, for reasons I won’t bore you with I’ve been trying to cut back on caffeine. Ugh.

I’ve been substituting my afternoon habit with water (boring), and iced tea (not as boring but also not coffee.) This is where Hellas Farms swoops in to rescue me with samples of tuvunu.

Tuvunu (pronounced “too-voo-noo”), which means “of the mountain,” is a ready-to-drink Greek Mountain Herbal Tea. This delicious, all natural, not from concentrate sweetened yumminess is perfect for my afternoon fix. Tuvunu is sweetened with Greek honey, fresh lemon juice and loaded with antioxidants. There’s also a calorie free and sugar free version. 

Could it be that tuvunu has replaced the famous afternoon Greek Frappe? Well… at least is has for me.   :)

Ready to try this delicious tea? You can order on Amazon or at select retailers throughout the Metro New York area. 

Greek Pistachios

Hellas Farms | figsandfeta.comYou may be saying “what’s the difference between a Greek pistachio and all the other  pistachios out there?”. If you have not tried a Greek pistachio I advise you to. Very soon. Yes, they ARE different! 

It has been a while since I’ve visited the homeland but cracking a handful of Hellas Farm’s Greek Pistachios brought me right back to Aegina, an island famous for their pistachios,  where you can buy bags and bags of these pure roasted and fresh nuts right in the port as you step off the ferry boat. And you do. Because they are so tasty. 

I’ve spoken of this amazing little nut before on my blog. About how they are cholesterol free, high in fiber, protein and iron and a great healthy snack to have on hand in the pantry.

Hellas Farms states they are naturally sun dried and slow-roasted. Seasoned with a hint of Greek sea salt, they are crunchy, crisp, light and buttery. Hellas Farms packages them in handy little 1.75 ounce bags, perfect for on-the-go snacks. I’m keeping a few in my handbag from now on because I inevitably forget to bring a snack for myself when I leave the house for the afternoon.  The kids can have their goldfish crackers, I’m snacking on my Greek Pistachios. (Actually, the kids are also snacking on my Greek Pistachios.) :)

Snack away and order on Amazon or at select retailers throughout the Metro New York area. 

Hellas Farms | figsandfeta.com

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