Cinnamon Kourabiethes

Kourabiethes – Powdered Sugar Greek Butter Cookies Made Modern with Crushed Red Hots for a Spicy Cinnamon Flavor. 

Like Baklava, Kourabiethes were introduced to the Greeks during the Ottomen Empire and variations were quickly created within villages and families. Kourabiethes are a typical dessert option for any celebration, but specifically at Christmas time some will place a single clove on the top of the cookie. The clove symbolizes the spices that were brought to the newly born baby Jesus as a gift from the Magi.

I’ve added a simple ingredient to my family recipe to create a new modern variation for the holidays. I crushed red hots in a ziplock bag to yield about 2 tablespoons of the crushed cinnamon candy (red-hots) to add the the cookie batter. 

WARNING: These sweet cookies are not as innocent as they look. Be careful not to inhale when you take a bite or that powdery sugar will shoot straight down your throat causing the cough attack of your life. Some have nick-named theses sweets “choke cookies.”

To make this spicy variation, simply follow the basic and traditional Kourabiethes recipe, adding 2 tablespoons crushed red-hots to the dough mixture. After topping with powdered sugar, top with with red sprinkles. 

For another fun variation, check out these Pistachio-Matcha Green Tea Kourabiethes!

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