Fig Balsamic Marinated Skirt Steak

Fig-Steak-7While strolling the extremely wide and fully stocked aisle of the local grocery store here in NorCal my eye was drawn to an awfully attractive tall, dark and handsome bottle of vinegar. The word FIG stood out on the well-designed label and I was immediately drawn in. Yes, I came across something amazing: Fig Balsamic Vinegar produced by O Olive Oil. Eureka! I’ve struck gold here people!

Fig-Steak-8Without hesitation I grabbed the last bottle from the shelf. I couldn’t wait to get started testing this baby out. My mind was running wild with the possibilities it was hard to zero in and focus my energy toward one thing but I think this Fig Balsamic Marinated Skirt Steak was a great one to start with.

Inside this little concentrated bottle of fantastic yumminess is delicious balsamic vinegar laced with a mild sweet fig flavor. Made with California mission figs, this aged balsamic is rich and dark.

There’s not much to this recipe, so here’s the deal: marinate your steak, overnight if possible and grill it the next day. No steak sauce needed. Grab a can of pineapple rings, open that baby up, use the juice for the marinade and throw the rings on the grill. The sweetness of the grilled pineapple adds to the heartiness of each bite of steak.

Fig-Steak-4O Olive Oil is based out of Petaluma, California and it just so happens they are the original maker of organic citrus-crushed olive oils since 1995, and premium barrel-aged wine vinegars since 1997. Their ingredients come from local small family farms in the Sonoma area. I’m so excited to have discovered this product and even more excited to create recipes with some of their other varieties: Basil Olive Oil, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar just to name a few that I have my eye on. :)


1-pound skirt steak (flank steak will also work well.)

½ cup O Fig Balsamic Vinegar

1-tablespoon light brown sugar

1-tablespoon fresh rosemary, chopped

1 garlic clove, pressed or chopped fine

2-tablespoons pineapple juice


Combine vinegar, brown sugar, rosemary, garlic and pineapple juice. Place marinade and skirt steak in a plastic freezer bag and allow to marinate for at least 2 hours.

Fig-Steak-1 Fig-Steak-3

Before placing steaks on the grill, salt and pepper both sides.  Discard the leftover marinade.  Grill for 4-6 minutes per side, or until the meat reaches desired doneness.

Fig-Steak-2Transfer steak to a cutting board and loosely tent with foil. Allow to stand 5 minutes before slicing against the grain. Simple and delicious!

Fig-Steak-5 Fig-Steak-9

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