Gyro Burgers

Gyro-Burger-1This recipe is created specifically for those who don’t have a vertical spit in their kitchen or backyard. You know- the vertical spit for slow roasting seasoned lamb, beef or pork in order to slice thin layers of meat with the intention of making a delicious Gyro sandwich at home. Which means this recipe is created for all of us. ;)

Gyro-Burger-3The fact is, it’s not easy to recreate the classic Greek Gyro (YEAR-O) at home, however, it is quite simple to recreate the flavor. I set out to combine the distinct spice and flavor of a Gyro in a simpler form: the all-American burger. It just doesn’t get more Greek-American than this!

Gyro-Burger-5I tested this recipe on my family and extended family and the verdict was unanimous: this Gyro Burger is extremely tasty! It’s not easy to please an entire family of Greek foodies- but I’m very happy to say that this burger pleased every single person at the table. Yay, Gyro Burger!

Gyro-Burger-2 Gyro-Burger-550RECIPE:

1 pound ground beef

1 pound ground pork

1 red medium onion, diced small

1 cup crumbled feta

2 tablespoons fresh mint, chopped

1 tablespoon dried oregano

2 teaspoons cumin

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Large rolls such as Ciabatta or baguette



Tzatziki Sauce


Gyro-Burger-7Combine beef, pork, onion, feta, mint, oregano, cumin, salt and pepper (get your hands in there- it’s the best way!). Divide the meat into 8 sections, then form into oval shaped patties. Place the patties on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for 2-4 hours. The patties can also be prepared a day in advance and refrigerated.

Gyro-Burger-11Grill over high heat until browned on both sides and cooked through to desired temperature. Remove from grill and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

Lightly toast the rolls on the grill. Serve with lettuce, tomato and Tzatziki Sauce.

Grilling with my brother, George.
Grilling with my brother, George.
Making sure George grills my burgers correctly!
Making sure George grills my burgers correctly!
My nephew's perfect build.
My nephew’s perfect build.
Family dinner... Family approved!
Family dinner… Family approved!

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