National Dessert Day 2014 Round-Up

October 14 marks National Dessert Day, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a dessert buffet! Why choose one dessert when you can have a plateful?  So add an extra 15 minutes to that stair-master workout because it will be so worth it!

On the menu today: a grouping of the most popular desserts on the blog, and coincidentally, some of my favorites. (Fine print: These are listed in no particular order. I’m not too picky when it comes to sweets.):

1. Chocolaty Baklava Marshmallow Treats: Made with Old School Favorites Chocolate Szauce.Rice-Krispies-8

2.  Non-Dairy Greek Spice Cake Donuts: Delicious for breakfast or dessert!


3. Classic Greek Butter Cookies (Koulourakia): A classic.


4.  Baklava Pop Tarts with Maple Icing: A classic with a modern twist!


5. Greek Flag Lemon Sugar Cookies: ‘Nuff said.


6. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Greek Chocolate: Again… ‘Nuff said.


7. Frappe Oreo Ice Cream: For those times you can’t decide between coffee or ice cream.


8.  Classic Buttery Baklava with Lemon Flavored Syrup: Last… but not least!


Which one is your favorite? :)


©2014 by Alexandra Salidas Roll, Figs & Feta, LLC.

Recipe and photos by Alexandra Salidas Roll of Figs & Feta, LLC.  Please do not reprint this recipe without permission.  If you would like to feature this recipe on your blog or site, please rewrite the method of preparation and link your post to this one as the original source.  Thank you!

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