Savory Feta Cheese

Savory Feta Cheese: Tangy, salty and spicy Feta served with pita bread or baguette for a quick and simple appetizer. 

I’ve found the simplest of recipes are often the most delicious. This is especially true with Mediterranean recipes and proven here with this Savory Feta Cheese appetizer. I’ve mentioned before that Feta is the star of the Greek cheese family. Clearly, I use Feta as an ingredient A LOT. I’ve whipped it, marinated it and used it countless times as an ingredient; in a Tangy Feta Spread, a Spicy Dip, formed it into a Cheese Ball and crumbled it in a pie, just to name a few. Oh! And the name of this blog is “Figs & Feta” so………

This simple recipe (so simple I’m not even sure it qualifies as a “recipe”) is a great appetizer or snack to make on a whim and doesn’t require more than 5 minutes to prepare. So delicious and simple you may have to make a few plates of this because it will go fast. Keep Feta on hand to prepare this anytime during weekend cocktail hour or to tide the family over until dinner is ready. Add it to your weekly grocery list: Milk, Eggs, Bread, Feta Cheese. ;)

Savory Feta Cheese
Tangy, salty and spicy Feta served with pita bread or baguette slices for a quick and simple appetizer.
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  1. 1 large slice of Feta, sliced ½ inch thick
  2. About ¼ cup good Olive Oil (I used Kiklos for this recipe)
To your taste
  1. Freshly ground black pepper
  2. Garlic salt
  3. Crushed red pepper
  4. Dried oregano
  5. Cavender’s Greek Seasoning
  1. Place the slice of Feta on a plate or shallow bowl.
  2. Drizzle with Olive Oil.
  3. Sprinkle with seasoning to taste and serve with pita wedges or fresh baguette slices.
Figs & Feta
I was compensated with product from Kiklos Olive Oil. Find Kiklos Olive Oil here.  I was not compensated by Cavender’s Greek Seasoning for this post, but you can find it here. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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