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Brown Butter Corn Cookies

Brown Butter Corn Cookies: Summer’s New Cookie!

The nuttiness of browned butter pairs so well with summer’s fresh corn in these Brown Butter Corn Cookies. What makes these even better, is using leftover corn that was charred on the grill the night before.


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Lemony-Fig Bars

Homemade and Tasty Lemony-Fig Bars

Lemony-Fig Bars | figsandfeta.comDried figs are great, but fresh figs….ugh! Figs are in season right now and their season is short lived, so I try to utilize them as best I can while I can. Homemade Lemony-Figs Bars are what I’ve been craving lately!

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Rosewater Greek Butter Cookies

A Sweet-Cookie for Your Sweet-Heart.
Rosewater Greek Butter Cookies | figsandfeta.com

There are 2 types of people in this world: Those who fall head-over-heels for Valentine’s Day,  and those who want to see it wiped from the calendar forever. Regardless of how we feel we must face the facts: the gushiest, mushiest, sappiest day of the year is upon us. How will you embrace the gushiest day of the year?  How about a modern twist on the classic Greek Koulourakia? These Rosewater Greek Butter Cookies are sweet and fragrant and are sure to be a Valentine’s Day winner!

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World Cup Fever


So, the Greek soccer team is still alive at the World Cup tournament. I’m not sure how it all works, how some teams stay alive even though they lose a match. We’re a baseball and basketball home, not really a soccer home.


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Classic Greek Butter Cookies (Koulourakia)

Koulourakia-JThe basic and official butter cookie of Greece is called “Koulourakia” (prounced Koo-loo-RA-keya).  There are many different variations to the basic butter cookie. This particular recipe is a family one dating back to the 1950’s. My Yiayia Salidas ran a catering business in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts and this is the recipe she used for her clients. This secret recipe also became her in-law’s (my maternal grandmother’s) go-to recipe, my mom’s and now mine.


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