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Mediterranean Lemon Chicken Dip

Mediterranean Lemon Chicken Dip: A tangy and creamy dip perfect for your Super Bowl Party!

It’s Super Bowl Weekend and we’re craving dips, chips and snacks like never before! Below are a few of my favorite party foods plus a new recipe added to the mix: tangy Mediterranean Lemon Chicken Dip topped with crushed potato chips, bacon and of course: feta crumbles.

Click Here for the recipe and a few other Super Bowl Party snack suggestions!

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Savory Feta Cheese

Savory Feta Cheese: Tangy, salty and spicy Feta served with pita bread or baguette for a quick and simple appetizer. 

I’ve found the simplest of recipes are often the most delicious. This is especially true with Mediterranean recipes and proven here with this Savory Feta Cheese appetizer.


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Brown Butter Macadamia Nut Baklava

Brown Butter Macadamia Nut Baklava: Macadamia nuts spiced with cloves and cinnamon then layered between sheets of filo dough and nutty-brown butter and topped with melted dark chocolate.

Macadamia Nut Baklava | figsandfeta.com

Our classic buttery baklava recipe gets all dressed up for the holidays by browning the butter and swapping out walnuts for the royal Queensland nut: the Macadamia.


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Fuyu Persimmon Smoothie

Persimmon Smoothie Made Simple and Delicious with just 5 Ingredients

Persimmon Smoothie | figsandfeta.com

According to Wikipedia, the generic name for the Fuyu persimmon tree is Diospyros, which comes from the ancient Greek words dios (διός) and pyros (πυρος). The translation from Greek to English means more or less “divine fruit” or “divine food.” Being a lover of the Fuyu Persimmon, this translation is pretty spot on.


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UncommonGoods and Figs & Feta

The Story of UncommonGoods, Figs & Feta, and a Mid-Week Cocktail Party

UncommonGoods / Figs & Feta | figandfeta.comI try to purchase local. I also try to go out of my way to support U.S. makers. I also really love handmade and unique house ware products with a story. I’ve recently found all of the above at UncommonGoods and am thrilled to be partnering with them for this special and exciting post!

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Maple Roasted Plums with Greek Yogurt

Maple Roasted Plums with Greek Yogurt and Ginger Almond & Cashew Granola

Maple Roasted Plums with Greek Yogurt | figsandfeta.com

Thanks to an old sturdy tree on my family’s property I have an abundance of plums this summer. I’ve googled “things to make with plums” and had a hard time finding a recipe that really excited me until I came across this recipe in the July issue of Real Simple. 

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Oregano Pita Chips

Homemade & Delicious!

Homemade Oregano Pita Chips | figsandfeta.com

Homemade Oregano Pita Chips are so ridiculously easy to prepare.  Once you taste these homemade chips, it’s quite possible you may never be able to bring yourself to purchase a bag of them at the grocery store again.

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New Year’s Cake  – Vasilopita (Βασιλόπιτα)

New Year’s Cake – Vasilopita (Βασιλόπιτα)

Vasilopita-2Bread or cake? How do you prefer your Vasilopita? My grandmother made bread, and I loved her for that. Today, my mom continues to make bread and I love her for that. Me? I’m a cake gal.


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Spicy Hummus Spread

Hummus-2Some years ago I went through a hummus phase. I was constantly craving hummus and with every batch prepared the outcome became more lemony or more garlicky. I not only enjoyed eating said hummus and impressing my family and friends with this homemade goodness, but I also enjoyed the fact that it was so easy to prepare. There is a certain satisfaction to preparing something delicious so quickly and with very little clean up.


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