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Savory Feta Cheese

Savory Feta Cheese: Tangy, salty and spicy Feta served with pita bread or baguette for a quick and simple appetizer. 

I’ve found the simplest of recipes are often the most delicious. This is especially true with Mediterranean recipes and proven here with this Savory Feta Cheese appetizer.


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Don’t Knock it ’till You Try It

Frozen-Yogurt-10It may sound quite strange to add olive oil and flaky sea salt to frozen yogurt, however, please, please, please trust me on this. The flavor party happening in your mouth is seriously like Mardi Gras, Fourth of July, Greek Independence Day And New Year’s Eve at midnight all at once. (If you think this is a weird combination, try putting peanut butter on your Sloppy Joe sandwich. I’ve done it. It’s delicious. I know… I need help…)


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Cake Please. Hold the Butter.

Olive-Oil-Cake-25There’s been some talk lately about Olive Oil Cake; it being “better for you” because the ingredients call for oil over butter. I was curious: Does the lack of butter turn out a cake also lacking taste? I’m a cake fan and if I am going to eat cake, I want to feel like I’m eating CAKE. Today my curiosity and question is answered.


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9 Ingredients That Will Instantly Make Feta Feel Special


Sometimes even Feta needs to feel special. Sitting still and alone in that murky brine inside the refrigerator might become boring. Maybe she wants to do more than get crumbled onto a salad. Maybe she’s grown tired of being an accessory on the table next to the olives and bread. Maybe she sometimes feels like she’s more than just AN ingredient, but rather, she’s THE ingredient. Today, with this simple technique, she’s all dressed-up and ready to dance ζεϊμπέκικο (Zeibekiko) with your taste buds.


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Who Doesn’t Like a Good Giveaway!?


Hey there… Happy Friday!

My friends over at O Olive Oil are having an awesome giveaway that I’d like to share with you.

They’ve partnered with Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Season 4, on PBS and to celebrate, O is giving away a 7-Course dinner for 4 featuring O products prepared by a professional chef in your home (offer available only in the United States).

Plus, they’re giving away some of their delicious O products every week!

Enter for a chance to win. It will take 6 seconds.(Yep. It’s that easy!)

Time for me to get back to my recipe testing with my new O Olive Oil products… recipes coming soon! :)

Enjoy the weekend!

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