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Kourabiethes – Powdered Sugar Greek Butter Cookies

Kourabiethes – Powdered Sugar Greek Butter Cookies: A melt-in-your-mouth, festive and traditional Greek holiday cookie that is simple to prepare.

It is not uncommon to see these bite-sized snow-ball looking treat on the Greek dessert table during the holidays. These delicious and heavily powdered treats are called Kourabiethes and they are melt-in your mouth wonderful! But wait… there’s more! Two modern variations of this delicious traditional recipe included: Cinnamon Kourabiethes and Pistachio-Matcha Green Tea Kourabiethes create a beautiful festive dessert platter! 


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Decorating Baklava for Christmas

Baklava-Bites-3Recently, I was given a few bags of Red Walnuts to experiment with. Naturally, the first recipe that came to mind to tryout was Baklava, however, the color of these walnuts is too beautiful to be hidden between layers of filo and butter. The bright red attractive color needs to be seen!


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