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Savory Feta Cheese

Savory Feta Cheese: Tangy, salty and spicy Feta served with pita bread or baguette for a quick and simple appetizer. 

I’ve found the simplest of recipes are often the most delicious. This is especially true with Mediterranean recipes and proven here with this Savory Feta Cheese appetizer.


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Super Bowl: Greek Style

Chili-12Hey football fanatics! It’s Super Bowl time! Patriots. Seahawks. Commercials. FOOD.

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Greek Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast-Pizza-10Now your family members won’t look at you funny when you’re eating pizza for breakfast, because this time you’ll be eating breakfast pizza. :)


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Fully Loaded Spiced Greek Fries


Introduce me to a Greek who doesn’t like potatoes, and I will call that person a liar! Greeks love to enjoy potatoes with practically every dish. A typical Greek potato is peeled, cut, slowly baked and dressed in oregano, olive oil and lemon juice. They are in a word, delicious. Today, I did not make a typical Greek potato- but a spiced-up, tasty and flavorful version of an oven-baked French fry.


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Spicy Hummus Spread

Hummus-2Some years ago I went through a hummus phase. I was constantly craving hummus and with every batch prepared the outcome became more lemony or more garlicky. I not only enjoyed eating said hummus and impressing my family and friends with this homemade goodness, but I also enjoyed the fact that it was so easy to prepare. There is a certain satisfaction to preparing something delicious so quickly and with very little clean up.


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Spicy Lentil Bean Hummus Dip


College basketball fans have March.  World-class amateur athletes have the Olympic games.  Children have summer.  There are particular times of the year that “belong”  to certain groups of people or are associated to certain things.  For some it is currently a time of fasting in preparation for Easter, therefore it is the season of the lentil bean.  The one time of year where this tiny, pebble-looking bean becomes fairly common in the homes of many.


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