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Pumpkin-Baklava Cinnamon Rolls

Pumpkin Baklava Cinnamon Rolls

The spiced-up flavors of Baklava wrapped in pumpkin dough and topped with a honey-cream cheese glaze. These Pumpkin-Baklava Cinnamon Rolls just might be the sweetest way to start your Thanksgiving Day!  READ MORE

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Thankful for… Easy Thanksgiving Breakfast Muffins

Pumpkin-Muffins-11We are focused. Focused on turkey dinner with all the fixings. Oh, and pie.  Pie with fresh whipped cream. We’re almost there, friends. So close we can practically taste the gravy on the mashed potatoes. But wait- there’s something really important we need to do. We need to remember the most important meal of every day: breakfast. (Yes! Even on Thanksgiving Day!)


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