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Gluten-Free Tsoureki Bread

Gluten-Free Tsoureki Bread or Traditional Tsoureki Bread : Greek Easter Bread

Topped with a festive pink sugar glaze, edible flowers, toasted almonds and candied ginger this Tsoureki may just be too pretty to eat. (Just kidding. EAT!)


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Tsoureki Bread Pudding with Metaxa Caramel Sauce

A Flavorful Bread Pudding Made with Greek Sweet Bread and Topped with Metaxa Caramel Sauce

Tsoureki Bread Pudding | figsandfeta.comThis year, I finally got around to simplifying Tsoureki and made about 6 loaves. I was then gifted another 2 loaves. With the over abundance of Tsoureki in my kitchen this year it became clear to me it was the perfect year to create Tsoureki Bread Pudding and topped it with Metaxa Caramel Sauce. Please trust me when I say this: You will lick your plate clean!

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Tsoureki (Tσουρέκι)

Greek Easter Bread

Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread) | figsandfeta.comTsoureki (soo-REH-kee) is traditional Greek Easter bread. It is not simple to make. There’s a lot involved but this year I set out to simplify the process and I think I just may have done it. Oh, and I went a little crazy with chocolate and toasted almonds too.

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